Inno-Methods Conference at the University of Trieste - 26th and 27th September 2023

Conference will take place on 26th and 27th September in Trieste.

The conference title is “Inno-Methods for Quality Curricula”.

Please, find attached the draft agenda and some practical information on how to reach Trieste. Details about the rationale, structure, and registration are provided below.

Rationale of the Conference

“Digital technologies have transformed the learning ecologies of higher education systems and offer new opportunities to create innovative quality curricula to deal with societal challenges.

Against this scenario, the "INNO-METHODS for quality curricula" conference intends to promote reflection on innovative teaching and quality curricula, share innovative teaching approaches enhanced by digital technologies and build a shared perspective for the T4EU Alliance.

The following topics will thus be explored and discussed:

- What competences does the T4EU Alliance intend to foster in students? Which educational purposes are pursued?

- How can T4EU monitor quality and innovation in innovative curricula?

- What Innovative Curriculum Design methodology can the T4EU Alliance adopt?

- What is the role of HE institutions in boosting the adoption of innovative teaching strategies for a joint educational offer?

- What INNO methods and tools may foster innovation and support the digitalization of educational programmes within the Alliance?


The final workshops will capitalize on the proposed ideas and methods, and engage participants in developing a set of recommendations to promote innovative teaching within the T4EU alliance.”

Structure of the conference

  1. Participants

The Trieste Conference will be an opportunity for mutual exchange and enrichment, thanks to the participation of professors and experts from the whole T4EU Alliance, as well as of international experts.

Up to 10 teachers per partner university are invited to participate, including from our associated partners: JMU, UP and UCP.

Researchers, PhD students and staff who are potentially interested in the conference are also very much welcome to attend.


There will be 4 external invited speakers, all of whom have a solid and proven experience in the field.


Two of them have already confirmed their participation: Prof. Paul Ashwin, from Lancaster University, and Dr. Daniela Casiraghi, member of METID at the Politecnico di Milano.


We will update the programme with the missing names as invited speakers confirm their participation.

  1. Programme
  • Three expert speeches

During our Inno-Conference we will have the chance to learn about emerging trends, quality standards and the role of HE institutions in promoting and adopting innovative teaching methods.

  • Workshops and round table


Two workshops will be organised during the conference: Smart Learning Design and Identification of Common Guidelines to promote Teaching Innovation across the T4EU Alliance.

More details on these workshops will follow shortly.


The Trieste Inno-Conference will also serve as an excellent opportunity to take stock of what our Alliance has achieved so far in terms of implementation of innovative teaching methods.

We will do so during a Round Table called INNO-METHODS from the Alliance - Experiences from T4EU teachers who implemented INNO-methods.


As anticipated in an email I sent yesterday, partners are kindly requested to identify one professor within their institution with experience in innovative teaching methodologies.

Ideally, we would appreciate if institutions that have already implemented the Active Class methodology (i.e. VMU, SU and USIL) could select one professor who has already implemented this method.

Please, remember that the deadline to provide us with a feedback on this is 20th August.

  • T4EU Innovative Teaching Award

On 26th September, winners of the Innovative Teaching Award will be announced during a dedicated prize-giving ceremony.


You can register to the Inno-Methods Conference simply by filling in the dedicated application form by 15th August EOD.