With close collaboration with all knowledge and competences users that has to offer, University of Primorska (hereafter UP) integrates in the environment and is successfully realizing duality of its core mission-research and education. Knowledge that University of Primorska offers to economy, companies, public institutions and other straightforward knowledge users, represents a quality upgrade of fundamental research and it is a basis of more effective yield of general intellectual potential of society and the comparative advantage of the space in which it operates.

In the framework of the Mid-Term Development Strategy 2021-2027 UP set itself the goal of strengthening cooperation and establishing new partnerships with the industry and users of knowledge in the local, national and international environment.

We suggest some possibilities for cooperation, and we are prompt to accept new challenges. Employers can:    

  • present your activity at the faculties within the events of the Career days and other related events,
  • present your activity in the form of a direct visit of students to the working environment,
  • include students in your working environment for internships,
  • at the Career Market within the KC UP website Splet-išče, submit job offers according to your staffing needs,
  • suggest topics for research assignments or final papers as a solution to your business challenge,
  • involve your experts in the activities of the career center (workshops, trainings, etc.),
  • participate in the development of the Personal and Professional Development Questionnaire,
  • join the Scholarship Fund of the University of Primorska.


As part of the upgrade of the "Crossroads of Knowledge and Economy Capital", we invite employers to cooperate. All services are FREE, all you need to do is to fill in the interest for participation. For further information please contact us, we can arrange a short on-line meeting.